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Cameroon : Land tenure

lundi 25 mars 2013

Law No. 19 of 26 November 1983 to amend the prevision of Article 5 of ordinance No .74-1 of 6 july 1974 to establish rules governing land tenure

(3) (new).the jurisdiction of the courts and consultive boards refered to in Article 16 hereunder in the settlement of financed property cases shall be defined as follows :

(a) The settlement of the following land property cases shall fall within the jurisdiction of the consultative boards :

(i) Objections to registration pending in the lands services at the time this ordinance comes into force ;

(ii) Objections to registration of lands made within the framework of the implementation of the decree provided for in Article 7 of this ordinance ;

(iii) Any daim or dispute of a right to property on unregistered lands filed in by comunities or individuals before the courts ;

(b) All other landed property cases shall fall within the jurisdiction of the courts excepting cases relating to inter-communal boundary disputes.