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Cameroon : The Urban and Rural Land Development

mardi 26 mars 2013

DECREE N°77 - 193 OF 23 JUNE 1977 to establish the Urban and Rural Land Development Equipment Autority





1. (1) A public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature endowed with legal status and financial autonomy, to be known as the Urban and Rural Lands Development and Equipment Autority and hereinafter referred to as the "Autority" is hereby established.

(2) The head office of the Autority shall be in yaounde.

(3) It shall be placed under the supervisory authority of the Minister in charge of town planning and housing.

2. (1) The purpose of the Authority is to carry out or to cause to be caried out, under its responsability land development or equipment projects with a view to promoting real estate and housing throughout the United Republic of Cameroon.

(2) It shall inter alia be responsible for :

- promoting at the request of and on behalf of the state, public or semi-public bodies, private bodies or local authorities, the study and execution of land development or equipment projects ;

- studying and setting up infrastructures for sanitation and drainange purpose on urban or rural lands ;

- plotting out lands to be developed or equiped ;

- studying and carrying out public aquipment projects with the the areas to be developed ;

- ensuring that all projects to be carried out comply with the town planning and architectural designs provided for each area to be developed ;

- seeking and the resources necessary for achieving its purpose.

(3) The Authority shall to this end be vested with all the rights conferred on the state and public bodies by the laws and regulations relatin to public works and shall be subject to all the obligations arising therefrom.

(4) It shall act as contractor on behall of the state and the authority concerned.




3. The Authority shall be administered by a Board of Directors presided over by an official appointed by decree of the president of the Republic, and comprising nine members as follows :

- a representative of the presidency of the Republic ;

- a representative of the Prime Minister’s Office ;

- a representative of the Minister in charge of town planning and Housing ;

- a representative of the Minister of finance ;

- a representative of the Minister of economic affairs and planning ;

- a representative of the minister of mine and power ;

- the director of lands ;

- the director of town planning and housing.

4. The duties of Board members shall be honorary. provided that they may be granted sitting allowances, the amount of which shall be fixed by the board of directors.

5. The chairman shall convene the Board as often as the interest of the Authority so requires and at least twice a year. except in urgent cases, the convening notices and the agenda must reach members of the Board at last eight days before the date of the meeting.

6. (1) The board may not validy conclut business unless seven et least of its members are present. Its decesions shall be taken by simple majority of the members present. In case of a split vote, the Chairman has the casting vote.

The proceeding of the Board may be entered in a register kept at the head office of the Authority and signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting.

(2) Persons invited for purpose of consultation as a result of the items appearing on the agenda shall attend meetings of the Board od Directors in an advisory capacity.

They shall, in this capacity, be entitled to the benefits granted to members of the Board.

7. The Board shall have the widest powers with regard to management of the Authority, it shall inter alia be responsible for :

- drawing up the organizational chart of the Authority ;

- fixing the scale of salaries with the exception of those of the Manager and Assistant Manager which shall be fixed by separate enactment ;

- authorizing the recruitment and dismissal of, managerial staff ;

- approving the budget estimates, the balance sheet and progress report for the financial year ;

- concluding or authorizing any agreements or contracts which fall within the purpose of the Authority ;

- determining the of all available funds, accepting the opening of accounts and other sources of credit which it deems fit ;

contracting loans.


8. (1) The Management of the Authority shall be placed under the authority of a manaer asssited by an Assistant manager, both appointed by decree of the president of the Republic.

(2) The assistant manager shall perform the duties delegated to him by the manager and shall replace him in case of absence.

9. The manager of the authority shall :

- ensure that the decisions of the board of direction are implemented ;

- be the authorizing oficer of the budget ;

- recruit, dismiss and appoint all non-managerial staff ;

- represent the authority in all civil matters and before the courts ;

- attend the meeting of the board of Directors and provide secretarial services for the said meetings.


10. (1) The accounts of the Authority shall be audited each year by an Auditor appointed for three years by the board of Directors.

(2) The auditor shall :

- examine the accounts, treasury accounts, holdings and shares of the Authority and, on the whole all the transactions carried out by the management ;

- control the regularity and the accuracy of the inventories and balance sheets.

(3) The Auditor shall forward a financial and management report to the supervisory authority and to the board of directors.

(4) The salary of the Auditor shall be fixed by the board of directors.


11. The funds of the Authority shall be constituted by :

- subsidies from the state and public authorities ;

- fees from surveys and supervision of project estrusted to it

- all other dues or resources necessary for the accomplishment of its purpose, which shall be allocated to it in accordance whit legal and statutory provisions.

12. The Authority shall in its role as contractor manage the various credits intended for the financing of studies, surveys and development and equipment projects or urban and rural lands.

13. (1) The financial year of the Authority shall run from 1st july to 30 june of the following year.

(2) The balance sheet, and loss accounts and the inventory shall be submitted for approval to the board of director within the six months following the end of the financial year.

14. Separate enactments shall, when necessary fix the terms and conditions for the implementation of this decree.

15. This decree shall registered and published in the Official gazette in french and english.

yaounde, 23 june 1977


President of the Republic