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Good grammar is a must-have in your personal and professional life. Not only does it help you make your writing more persuasive, but it also helps inspire confidence and trust. If you spend a good amount of time writing or editing and have challenges with grammar, one of the best ways to improve your writing and fix any errors that can undermine your work is to use a grammar checker.

A grammar checker is a tool you can use to check your work for any grammatical errors to improve word choice, remove unnecessary words, and catch common errors. There are several options for grammar check software on the market for you to consider and use with your Windows or Mac computer. We analyzed some of the popular options and compared them based on their features, price, pros, and cons.

Note : The pricing of each software is based on the value at the time of this writing, and may vary subject to the developer. Grammarly is a comprehensive writing assistant and grammar checker software that gives you all the tools you need to improve your writing. The software follows along as you write while proofreading your work and suggests corrections for any grammatical, sentence structure, spelling, and any other errors. This way, you can see the main mistakes in your content and learn from them.

You can use Grammarly to proofread and check your emails, articles, social media updates, blog posts, and even drafts of reports or book chapters. The free Grammarly software is handy for casual writing and will help you check for basic grammar mistakes and spelling errors.

Grammarly Premium, on the other hand, detects advanced mistakes in grammar and punctuation, as well as contextual spelling errors and displays them in a sidebar. You can also see some of the suggestions for improvements in readability, word choice, and sentence structure.

With Grammarly, you can set goals for intent and tone using the tone detector, and use the plagiarism checker feature to scan your writing against billions of web pages for any duplicate content. Grammarly offers a free and a Premium version. Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task.

Grammarly does it all at the click of a button. For smooth writing and brilliant communication, trust Grammarly! As its name suggests, ProWritingAid is a tool that can help you check for any grammatical issues in your writing.

The grammar check software flags punctuation, spelling, grammar, and style issues, and displays in-depth feedback based on your writing and what it finds.

It has more than 20 different in-depth writing reports that you can click on to see the issues it brings up so that you can make the necessary edits and improve your content without being overwhelmed. Some of the main ProWritingAid features include a grammar checker, style editor that integrates with Scrivener, and a built-in word explorer and thesaurus to help you find the right word. The Premium version has no word count limits and you can edit where you write, plus get access to a Writer Resource library.

Now take your writing to the next level. ProWritingAid offers a robust grammar tool together with an easy to use style-editor, reports, articles, videos, quizzes and more! Ginger is a good grammar check tool you can use to proofread and scan your work for a vast range of writing errors.

Such errors include grammatical, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and style errors. Among the unique features of this tool include a rephraser to improve clarity and style with alternatives optimized to your context.

The rephraser also identifies errors in your writing, including subject-verb agreement. Ginger also offers a translator that can translate more than 60 different languages to and from English and a text reader that reads your written text back to you. Ginger reveals the word count, character count, and sentence count for your content. However, the software is limited in terms of the number of characters it can check unlike other grammar check software on this list that can take a lot more, including entire documents.

Ginger Premium version offers more advanced features and more context for the errors it identifies, including rules like subject-verb agreement. You can also learn grammar lessons and tests through the virtual tutor for better grammar. The Hemingway app helps you improve your writing to make it clearer and bolder by highlighting the complex, lengthy sentences, and common errors in your text.

Hemingway labels your text using different colors to flag complex sentences as either hard to read amber or very hard to read plum. Hemingway also flags the use of excessive adverbs, passive voice, and complex phrases using green, blue, and purple colors respectively.

Hemingway also helps you format your prose when you want to add bullets, bold, or italics to your text, all at the click of a button. You can also publish directly to WordPress and Medium as Hemingway integrates with both platforms. Hemingway also makes it easy to work with other editors.

The app can import text from Word. Another feature in Hemingway is the ability to send highlights to your colleagues to show them the improvements they need to make. You can do this by saving a PDF of the text and then sending it to them. The online version of the Hemingway Editor is free.

WhiteSmoke is an online proofreading and grammar check software that you can use to check your text for any punctuation errors, misspellings, and style mistakes in your content.

The software is available in a paid web browser only version, which offers a grammar checker, translator, and plagiarism checker. The tool uses computer algorithms to give you options to correct your stylistic errors. WhiteSmoke also has a built-in Thesaurus with an Add-to-dictionary feature and integrates with writing platforms, social media accounts, and Gmail.

The WhiteSmoke translator tool analyzes millions of professionally translated texts as it is built on Statistical Machine Translation SMT , and translates to 55 different languages including word-to-word translation. If you want premade documents, WhiteSmoke provides templates in various writing styles for resumes, cover and business letters, personal and student matters, finance, and legal writing. WhiteSmoke also checks your email drafts for any grammatical or style errors to help you send clean, error-free emails to your contacts.

The Desktop Premium version of WhiteSmoke allows you to translate more than 50 languages, detect plagiarism, and correct hundreds of punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. The premium version also works in web browsers, Outlook, MS-Word, and other text editing programs. Reverso is a free online writing and translation tool that uses Neural Machine Translation to check your work with fluency, higher accuracy, and integration of the whole context of your writing.

The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence AI and translates your text into different languages including Italian, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, French, and Portuguese among others with examples and synonyms in context. You can also listen to native speakers as they pronounce different texts in your writing so that you can improve your oral skills. Reverso also has integrated dictionaries that help fine-tune the translations and conjugate verbs in all tenses and modes in 10 different languages.

Linguix is another good choice when you want to eliminate any mistakes in your writing and create clean and easy-to-read content. The tool leverages the power of AI to look for errors in your writing including misspellings, commas, incorrect word choice, and removes traces of such errors. Linguix also offers stylistic errors and helps you deliver a better piece overall. Linguix is suitable for personal or business use.

Thanks to its over 2, context-based rules, the grammar check software delivers more accurate spelling corrections, sentence structures, and better alternative words. Linguix also tracks your writing habits to give you better suggestions that can help you improve your content.

The Linguix premium plan offers content templates that can enhance and speed your writing time. The plan also suggests synonyms and scans for other advanced mistakes. The tool is a barebones grammar checker but it offers summaries about the errors it finds in your writing and provides context.

However, if you want a free and effective tool to use for quick checks, SpellCheckerPlus allows you to check extracts of up to 2, characters. Anything beyond the 2,word limit will require an upgrade to the premium plan.

If you want to check your writing for grammatical, misspelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors, GrammarChecker is simple and easy to use. GrammarChecker can help you to find suitable synonyms, swap out words, automatically rewrite shorter pieces of writing, and more to get an SEO-friendly, plagiarism-free text.

However, you can use it if you want a free tool for your casual writing needs. Press the Free Check button and see if GrammarChecker picks out any errors. GrammarChecker displays underlined suggestions for grammatical and stylistic errors and misspellings so that you can click on them for more options. It checks your spelling and usage of grammar usage automatically and then gives you a verdict based on what it detects.

The Deep Check button in GrammarChecker checks your text and detects even more hard-to-spot errors like dangling modifiers or run-on sentences. You can sign up for it and get a discount on new subscriptions. Microsoft Word or Google Docs are popular word processing programs used by millions of people across the globe.

Both programs have native grammar checkers that let you fix your basic grammatical and spelling mistakes for free. You can start with a free version, which most of these 10 tools offer, though with limited features and other restrictions. Alternatively, if you want to go directly for the premium tools, you can check which one has everything you need for your writing work and that fits your budget. However, the very best among them will give you all the basic features you need including spelling, style, and punctuation features but also gives you advanced features that check sentence structure, plagiarism, intent, and tone, plus more.

Our winner for this round though is Grammarly. Grammarly also detects plagiarism, integrates with Google Docs, has an easy-to-use and simple interface, browser extension, and even checks your tone for emotions and intent. Tom has been a full-time internet marketer for two decades now, earning millions of dollars while living life on his own terms. We are reader-supported.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Contents show. Hemingway Editor. Microsoft Word Or Google Docs. Create Error-Free Content. Grammarly – Your 1 Writing Assistant Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task. Try Now. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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Grammar checker free for windows 10


Here are six of the best download-free spelling and grammar checkers available online. The very first entry onto this list is Hemingway App. Inspired by the American author of the same name, this web service allows you to quickly and easily learn a lot about your writing and how you might be able to improve it.

Hemingway App functions at its core as a text editor. All you need to do is copy your writing into the editor. From there, Hemingway App will automatically highlight your writing in a variety of colors. Yellow and red highlighted sentences are difficult to read, with red sentences being more difficult to understand than yellow ones. Purple highlights indicate words that Hemingway App can replace for more forcible writing, and blue highlights adverbs.

Green highlights are for instances of the passive voice. Hemingway App also displays how many words your writing is, as well as the characters, letters, and more. It also shows predicted reading time and readability measured in grade level. LanguageTool highlights spelling, punctuation, and style errors in a variety of different colors. LanguageTool does have a limit of only 10, characters, however. Sentence Checker takes a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to spelling and grammar checking.

Using it is simple, all you have to do is either type or paste your text right into the text box. With one click, you can check your text, which Sentence Checker will run through its proofreading software and return to you with spelling errors, grammar errors, and style issues all highlighted in a variety of colors. Next on the list is Online Spellcheck. Online Spellcheck allows you to insert any text into its editor, which it then processes.

Make your ideas clear. Grammarly suggests concise alternatives for wordy phrases. Try Grammarly Premium for full-sentence rewrite suggestions. Adjust your tone. Tone is tricky to convey in writing. Grammarly includes a tone detector to help you understand how your message will sound to a reader—before you hit send. Frequently Asked Questions. Download Grammarly , open the file, and follow the installation prompts.

If you need help, check out our step-by-step support article. Yes, you can use Grammarly in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Yes, you can use the free version of Grammarly for Windows as long as you want.


Grammar checker free for windows 10

Grammarly. Grammarly is a comprehensive writing assistant and grammar checker software that gives you all the tools you need to improve your writing. Hemingway Editor.