All You Need to Know About Agri-Food Technology

Agri-food tech is a very small industry that is expected to grow in the near future. The agri-foods industry is worth $7.8 trillion worldwide. Technology plays a huge role in the agriculture industry, however there are very few technological advancements when it comes to agriculture. Technology  is important in the sense that there is a rise in the demand for the industrial agri-food sector which is inefficient.  

All You Need to Know About Agri-Food Technology
All You Need to Know About Agri-Food Technology

Agi-Food Industry Pressures

There are growing pressures on the industry and these pressures include:-

  •         The population of the world is growing, the population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.
  •         Climate change as well as global warming
  •         Changes in the demands of the customer, there is increased demand for meat protein in developing markets.  There is also demand for less processed foods in developed countries.
  •         There are limited natural resources and in particular, land and water are limited.
  •         There is high food loss  as well as wastage which accounts for a percentage of greenhouse gas emissions.

Processes That are Needed  for The Agri-Foods Industry to Function

Change is challenging in this industry due to the many processes that are involved.

  •         Aquaculture and agriculture. Livestock, seafood as well as raising crops.
  •         Agricultural inputs manufacturing.  Agricultural chemicals, seeds, farming machinery livestock pharmaceuticals as well as other supplies.
  •         Food processing. Preparation of fresh produce, production of prepared food products as well as ingredients.
  •         Non-food processing.  mining Bioenergy as well as biomaterials from agricultural crops and products.
  •         Warehousing, transportation, logistics, marketing as well as wholesale and distribution.
  •         Foodservice and Retail. Grocery, restaurant as well as farmers markets. This includes other forms of retailing.
  •         Regulation. Safety of food, security of food and quality of food.
  •         Food discovery as well as cooking by consumers.
  •         Research and development in the food industry.
  •         Economic services.

Separation of the Food Industry and the Agriculture Industry

There are so many people who view the food industry and the agriculture industry as separate. The roles that we have listed above are often segmented by a number of, investors, entrepreneurs, and business. There are so many end users that are more concerned about how the food that they consume is grown and how it is processed. This is because end users are now concerned about their health.

The staid and inflexible supply chain makes change difficult to effect. There are so food chain companies that have been criticised for failing to prioritise food safety and quality.

Technological Solutions in the Agri-Foods Industry

Agri-food tech can help in so many ways. There are issues such as wastage of food which happens across the food chain, this issue can be solved by bringing in agri-foodtech.


agricultural inputs that include seed, fertilizer, pesticides, and animal pharmaceuticals are in the category biotechnology. There are so many companies that have been working to improve biotechnology. In efforts to increase yields, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically-modified seeds have been created. Plant breeding, gene editing, biological and  microbiome research have been adopted by so many companies in efforts to increase the quality of the produce.

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